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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4579, Reading, PA  19606

Physical Address: 6 Industrial Drive, Birdsboro, PA 19508

Toll-Free: 1-800-545-0935/610-898-1844
FAX: 610-898-1850

General Email Address:

Please click on the name to send an email to a specific staff member. We are still not back in our office full time due to the ongoing pandemic. Email is the best way to communicate with us. Thank you.
Meet Our Staff Extension
Dennis Rhoads - President
Ron Simmons - Executive Director 1-800-584-7205
Contact Ron in the VA Office - 1-800-584-7205 (June through March. April and May he is in the PA Office)
Cheer & Dance/Drill Team America Department (1-800-584-7205)
Ron Simmons - Executive Director  
P.J. Arcinega - Texas Coordinator  

Cruise Festivals Department (1-800-545-0935)

Megan Rhoads - Managing Director-Cruise Festivals 305
Charlie Cassady - Cruise Festivals Director


Music Festivals & Tours/Music Showcase Festivals Department (1-800-545-0935)

Kelly Schlegel - Festival Director/Orlando Tour Director 306
Stephanie Beyah - Festival Director

Kristin Heckrote - Festival Director               304
Charlie Cassady - International Tour Director

Awards Management Department
Susan Rhoads - Coordinator


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